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Imagine Life Without Paperwork

EPSS eliminates the paperwork in the application process

Create Your Custom Site

Send us your current application or use one of our templates as your starting place. Then relax as our staff does the rest to set up your branded application site.

Collect Applications

Applicants and reference submit everything on-line though our easy to use and secure interface.

Follow up

Automatically follow up with the applicants and their references concerning any items not yet submitted.

Make Awards

Indicate awards and notify all applicants of their award status though the system.

From our clients.

Packed with Powerful Tools

Designed to streamline and simplify the applicant process though years of use by a multitude of individuals.

Easy to Use

Intuitive interfaces for the applicant and references to submit every aspect of the applications including essays, fields, resumes, rankings, letters of support, other files, and anything else that is required.

Data Verification

Automatic data validation of data upon entry by the applicant to ensure that all required fields are included and in the proper format so that you never receive an incomplete application again.

Pre-Qualify Applicants

Establish conditions that the applicant has to meet to be eligible to apply to the program and the system will automatically screen out those that do not qualify.

Wysiwyg Essays

Allow applicants to format their essays in the industry standard wysiwyg editor

File Uploads

Unlimited number of file uploads by applicants and references.

Conditional Fields

If then fields that allow you to require one field based upon the value of another field.  For example, if “Other” is selected then “Please explain” is required.

Calculated Fields

Ability to add calculated fields to enable conditions such as A + B < C.  The function is commonly used in budget requests.

Email Updates

Automated and customizable email updates to applicants and references on the status of their submission.  Automatically notifies the applicant when a reference is received.  Relieving you of the need to remind applicants that their reference has or has not yet submitted the required documentation.

Text Message Notifications

Automated and customizable text messaging updates to the applicants on the status of their submission.  Automatically notifies the applicant when a reference is received.  Relieving you of the need to remind applicants that their reference has or has not yet submitted the required documentation.

Management Notices

Receive regular updates on the status of the applications for your program automatically in your in-box helping to efficiently manage the entire application process.

Customizable Notices

Over 50 customizable emails to keep everyone informed about their status in the system.


Protected though industry standard multi-layered security that goes the extra mile to protect the information that we are entrusted with.

Flexible References

Collect supporting information from third parties like letters of recommendation, skill rankings, grade reports, or parent acknowledgements.  The submitted information is automatically included in the applicant’s file.  Choose from our pre-defined sources or define your own.  You can even mix and match to create custom combinations like recommendation + counselor + parent.

Flexible Due Dates

Set your desired date and time for the application and reference due dates.  Automatically cut off submissions at the due date or allow individuals to submit late documents.

Custom Branding

Full custom branding of the application so that it seamlessly integrates into your website

Application Tracking

Easily track the status of every application in the system knowing what is missing.

Reference Tracking

The applicant can log in at any time to see the status of their application and all reference material.

Applicant Package

All submitted information is combined into a single PDF document for each applicant for easy downloading and reviewing.

Sample Applications

Select from our library of sample applications as your starting place to create a customized application that fits your program needs.

Sample References

Select from our library of sample reference forms for Letters of Recommendations, Principal Certifications, Guidance Counselor Certifications, Parent Acknowledgements, Endorsements and Evaluations, and many others.

Data Exports

Download data exports on-demand to review all of the information on the applications on one place.


Every license comes with our full support.  Contact us by email or phone and we will work with you to resolve any issues that you, an applicant, or reference has with the system.

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    Danielle with the Kenan Fellows Program knew that she needed to get their application on-line and streamline the process. They had tried several different approaches with limited success. One of our existing clients heard...

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    Their paper-based system of collecting applications was not working anymore. we needed to find a dependable, high-quality, user-friendly, application system.

Our Story

Education Programs Support Services (EPSS) provides straightforward yet powerful technical support to education programs of all sizes across America. EPSS was the brain child of an education program manager working directly with participants but wrestling with the day to day demands of managing the paperwork involved in running excellent programs. Knowing that there was a better and more efficient way, EPSS was launched in 2006 to provide easy to use but powerful web-based tools to streamline the scholarship application process and the longitudinal tracking of participants.