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Application System

Simple, Flexible and Secure

Collect applications and references on-line. A simple, flexible & secure collection and collation system for scholarships, fellowships and other awards.  Efficiently manage thousands of applications.  Packed with powerful tools to streamline and simplify the applicant process.

Applications - Simple and Secure
Longitudinal Tracking - Stages of Life

Longitudinal Tracking

Helping to tell the story of your program and its impact.

Tracking participants as they progress though their education and careers to help tell the story of your program and its impact on their lives.

From our clients

Their stories

  • Virginia Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship Program

    Mary at Old Dominion Research Foundation had a program concept and a sponsor who was willing to provide the funding. She needed to move fast to take advantage of the opportunity.

  • Kenan Fellows Program

    The application process for their quickly growing program was getting out of hand. Danielle had tried several different approaches with limited success ...

  • Florida Space Grant Consortium

    Mark absolutely saved our lives! He has a great personal touch and whenever we have questions, he responds within a few hours.

Our Story

Education Programs Support Services (EPSS) provides straightforward yet powerful technical support to education programs of all sizes across America. EPSS was the brainchild of an education program manager working directly with participants but wrestling with the day to day demands of managing the paperwork involved in running excellent programs. Knowing that there was a better and more efficient way, EPSS was launched in 2005 to provide easy to use but powerful web-based tools to streamline the scholarship application process and the longitudinal tracking of participants.