Mark Fischer

Technical Director
Education Programs Support Services, LLC

Georgetown, Texas

At EPSS we live by these fundamental principals.

Integrity – A Way of Life

For us, integrity is much more than honesty, truthfulness, and having strong moral principles. It’s a way of life; doing the right thing even when it not popular, convenient, easy, or profitable; doing the right thing regardless of who is or is not watching or whether anyone will ever know what you did or did not do; there is no difference in the way you act or make decisions from situation to situation, at work, at home, in public and alone. Without integrity, life itself breaks down.

Customer Service – Above and Beyond

Customer service that starts with informed, professional, and timely services for our customers is just the beginning. We strive to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations in all areas of our product delivery, implementation and support.

Personal Accountability – Taking Personal Responsibility

Taking personal responsibility for our actions, responsibilities, goals, and their resulting outcomes is at the core of our business philosophy. Each EPSS employee holds themselves personally responsible for the projects that we undertake and our relationship with each and every customer.

Loyalty – To Our Clients, the Company, and Ourselves

EPSS, individually and collectively, will always protect and promote the interests of the organizations that we work with. This includes their reputation, confidential information, and our relationship. Loyalty at EPSS is more about being proactive than reactive, finding and fixing potential issues before they occur.

Continuous Improvement – There is Always Room for Improvement

At EPSS we highly value the process of evaluating ourselves, our processes, and our systems, in an effort to refine our character and skills, streamline our processes and procedures, and continuously improve our systems so that we may add more value to our customers and their programs. Each employee is allotted company time to further their own personal and professional development. Our systems architects and developers regularly evaluate all of our systems probing for value adding enhancements and improvements.

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