Client Stories

Indiana Space Grant Consortium

Barrett Caldwell, Director Indiana Space Grant ConsortiumBarrett Caldwell, PhD
Director, Indiana Space Grant Consortium
Purdue University


Our staff had gotten to the point that they were spending so much time setting up and maintaining the front and back ends of our website, that they had virtually no time to fulfill the actual responsibilities of their job. And don’t even get me started on security issues. We were frustrated. Until we were introduced to EPSS.


After meeting with Mark, I was immediately impressed by his intuitive grasp of our program’s needs. We never found a problem that he wasn’t able to solve.


Honestly, our experience has been nothing short of transformative.  EPSS has enabled us to efficiently manage our tasks and streamline the decision making process. What used to take weeks now takes hours. This relieves a lot of stress from the day-to-day responsibilities of our program manager and operations coordinator–who are now empowered to just focus on their job descriptions.


EPSS’ one-on-one approach makes you feel like you are their only client, and though I was initially skeptical, EPSS is an unbelievably cost-effective way to maximize productivity…even more than hiring another person, or adding staff responsibilities.


Trying to fulfill our mission without EPSS…in a word, painful.


About the Indiana Space Grant Consortium

The Indiana Space Grant Consortium is part of a National Network that Promotes STEM Education through cooperative and interdisciplinary programs while recruiting and training the next diverse workforce though mentoring and hands on research experiences. The Indiana Space Grant Consortium, run of the Industrial Engineering department at Purdue University, is a source of NASA-related information, awards, and programs for the State of Indiana. The Consortium presently consists of 15 academic (college and university), ten outreach (museums and science centers), and one industrial (both small business and larger companies) affiliates.