Longitudinal Tracking - Where are they now?
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Questions & Answers

What are the typical costs?

EPSS has flexible yearly subscriptions pricing options to fit any size program. Tell us a little about your program and we will work with you to fit your budget. Costs vary from about $1500 to $5000+ depending on how many new participants you wish to include each year, how many prior years of participants you wish to include, what your overall objective is, and the quality of the data that you have.


For example, a program with 30 participants per year, that is including 3 years of past participants, and whose primary objective is to determine where their participants go upon graduation with a secondary objective of where they are 5 years later, would cost approximately $2500 per year.

What length of commitment is required?

Subscriptions to the tracking system are on a yearly basis.

Can I talk to someone who is currently using the system?

Yes, we’d be happy to share the contact information for our current clients that have agreed to be references. Send us an email (info@epss.net) or give us a call (888-241-2102) and we will gladly put you in contact with them.

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